• 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic
    2022 Beijing Winter Olympic

    HighGreat has successfully presented stunning drone light shows

    at the opening and closing ceremonies of 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

  • broken 4  World Records
    broken 4  World Records

    HighGreat innovation has broken 4 WorldRecords with 5200 drones in Longgang District, Shenzhen.

  • where the dream begins
    where the dream begins

    Let's go back to where the dream begins.

  • National Day 70th Anniversary
    National Day 70th Anniversary
    The 2100 drones make up the dragon
    to celebrate China's 70th birthday
  • Variety of people
    Variety of people
    119 drones indoor show on JSTV “Beyond Show”
  • New Year's greetings
    New Year's greetings
    Shenzhen drone show celebrating the New Year
  • Star city love
    Star city love
    Changsha Qixi Love Song Festival
  •   Happy Valentine's Day
      Happy Valentine's Day
    Happy Valentine's Day
  • China Civil UAS Development International Forum
    China Civil UAS Development International Forum
    China Civil UAS Development International Forum
  • 1
    2022 Beijing Winter Olympic
  • 2
    broken 4 World Records
  • 3
    where the dream begins
  • 4
    National Day 70th Anniversary
  • 5
    Variety of people
  • 6
    New Year's greetings
  • 7
    Star city love
  • 8
    Happy Valentine's Day
  • 9
    China Civil UAS Development International Forum
Very sassy!

High Great innovative drone formation performance creates a real visual feast and a phenomenon-level hot event. It has been interviewed and reported by the official media and online media many times, and it has easily obtained tens of millions of communications and a 100 million+ level communications and marketing effect!

Made in China goes to the world, shining the light of Chinese technology in the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Dubai and other countries, showing the rapid development of high-tech power, and demonstrating our firm and profound cultural confidence. The innovation of 3D three-dimensional dance moves the night sky from a "screen" to a "stage", and a new media form brings novel performances.

High Great
  • 300+
    300+Cities Over the World
  • 5000+
    5000+ performances executed flawlessly
  • 60000+
    Has the world's largest fleet of 60,000 UAVs
  • 600 million+
    Accumulated more than 600 million viewers
  • 300,000 seconds+
    Accumulated flight time of more than 300,000 seconds
The world's first 3D drone swarming formation performance

HighGreat Drone Swarming Performance,Take the technological advantages of HighGreat in the drone industry and the resources of the whole chain industry,Cross-border technology and culture industry to explore innovation,Based on exclusive custom drone equipment and cutting-edge control technologysystem,HighGreat drone swarming performance 3.0 version,Break through the constraints of ground venues and develop the infinite possibilities and media values of the sky

Use the top group of unmanned aerial vehicles to create a real-life visual feast and phenomena-level events.

Our Drone Swarming LightsShow
Why take flight if you’re not shooting for the sky?