Shenzhen HighGreat
The world's first 3D
Drone swarming performance
  • Drone swarming performance

    The HighGreat drone swarming performance rely on the technological advantages and resources of HighGreat in the drone industry.

    Can move to change the patterns in three-dimensional space, Mounting lights or cold fireworks,

    Combination with sound, light, electricity and other "traditional" performance forms and carriers,

    Can get many unexpected novel experiences,

    Extend the stage performance,

    Create stunning visual and artistic value in space.

Our Advantages
  • Drone swarming performance
    Video production

    We use kinds of professional drones to shoot video from God's perspective and the most precise angle. To capture the incredible and fascinating pictures.

  • Photography

    We have some young people who are very good at video post-production, perfectly record every air performance, and with some cool special effects and techniques to make our activities more perfect.

  • Highgreat

    In 2018, we accumulated 50,000 flights and performed 43 missions. We used the stars to light up the temperature of the city. Our story continues...

Unlimited possibilities
in the future
  • Highgreat

    Flexible and Environmental protection
    Relying on the program-controlled drone swarming performance, greatly saving labor costs;
    The simulation creation effect can be presented in time to make the performance effect more flexible and controllable;
    Wonderful and varied patterns with beautiful lighting,
    Drone swarming performance are more environmentally friendly than fireworks and more flexible than large screens.

    Stable and Innovative
    HighGreat has a stable flight control system, a mature control system, and rich flight experience to ensure safe performance.
    With rich cultural connotations and innovative forms of presentation, it can trigger multi-media multi-directional communication.
    Achieve all-round stereoscopic effects, and drone formation applications have broad commercial space.

Why take flight if you’re not shooting for the sky?