• What is your World Record?
    In May, 2021, we HIGHGREAT take 5200pcs EMO drones, break 4 World Record: •The largest number of drone formations performed with 5,164 drones •The largest drone light source image 5184 drones •The longest drone show 26 minutes and 26 seconds •The most drone performance pictures at one show 88 pictures
  • Do you have your own R&D team?
    Yes, we HIGHGREAT have our own R&D center, generally 110 engineers, which develop the drones from structure, flight control, hardware, software…
  • Do you have your own factory?
    Yes, we HIGHGREAT have 13000㎡factory for drone producing, testing(including reliability testing) and warehouse
  • Can you introduce some cases you have done?
    We HIGHGREAT have achieved many national level cases such as 2022pcs in opening ceremony of Olympic Winter Games, we also achieved many international cases such as new year celebration in Singapore, celebration of Independent day in Mid-Asia
  • Can you sell your drones package for overseas?
    Yes, as we have our own manufactory, we can provide good technical support and aftersales.
  • What services are there for drones swarming performances?
    We provide customized services such as large outdoor and small size indoor drones swarming performances,these performances can be used for events or celebrations for a short time, or for long-term use in attractions or amusement parks.
  • How long can the drone perform?
    There is no limit to the number of drones to be performed at one time, and it is mainly designed according to the performance requirements of the event. At present, we have successfully completed the performance of 5,164 drones and break 4 World Record.
  • How many drones can take off at a time to perform?
    There is no limit to the number of drones to be performed at one time, and it is mainly designed according to the performance requirements of the event. At present, we have successfully completed the performance of 800 drones at the large-scale variety show "Following Dreams - Reform and Opening Again" in Shenzhen to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.
  • How is the drone performance service charged?
    The charge for the drones swarming performance covers all the expenses from the beginning of the creative planning to the end of the execution of the event. The most important factor is what the event organizer wants , such as whether the pattern is flat or 3D, still or dynamic. ... So we will make a specific offer after determining the performance plan.
  • Do you offer performance creative planning?
    Once the project is finalized, we have a creative team to make a proposal based on events needs, performance theme, and on-site environment.
  • How long does it take to prepare for the performance program?
    After the project is established, a lead time of 3 weeks to 6 weeks is usually required. Including site survey, equipment transportation, staffing, airspace application, dance creation, program modification, etc. If the project is urgent, we can speed up the process.
  • Can a drone show be performed in addition to lighting to carry other items for performance?
    The drone is a consumer-grade drone and is not suitable for carrying heavy loads. The HighGreat drone team has also had the experience of successfully carrying cold fireworks, but the approval and transportation of fireworks must be handled by the events organizer. The HighGreat executive team is responsible for modification and drones swarming show execution.
  • What are the success cases that have been done before?
    Our company has carried out large-scale drone swarming shows many times, flying more than 50,000 flights, and executing more than 50 cities, including 800 drones performance for 40th anniversary of Shenzhen reform and opening up,777 drones performance for TV program ,600 drones performance for Talent park light show .
  • Can the lights be customized before the performance?
    With our unique LED light control technology and features of full color of RGB spectrum, thousands of lights on drones can be designed according to the requirements of the pattern, different lighting color combinations enhance the visual effects.
  • How to make a long term drone swarming show at scenic areas or amusement parks ?
    We will train the staff to operate drones and do regular maintenance on drones and related equipment. If there are special needs, we can also develop the theme pattern based on the fixed pattern of performance .
  • Does the drone swarming perform a requirement for the performance venue?
    The site needs to be unobstructed and there are no tall buildings around. There are no crowds under the performance. It is best to have rivers and lakes nearby, such as parks, scenic spots, squares or campus football fields.Security during the show's take-off venue and the area below the show is necessary .
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