Singing TV show- Love Song of Qixi Festival

Date: 2022-08-24 Author: HighGreat
Singing TV show- Love Song of Qixi Festival
  •  Qixi Festival drone light show

    The bow and arrow are pulled before the love gradually emerges and the bowstring is deformed with the pull of the arrow,the string will rebound even after the launch. The full details and realism make people feel as if Cupid is launching the arrow of love for the world!

  • Qixi Festival drone light show

    777 drones form the name of the city in the air - Changsha so that more people can understand the charm of the city through this event.

  • Qixi Festival drone light show

    Lights carried by drones form diamond cutting surface and flash randomly, creating a feeling of shining diamond in the night and symbolizing the unyielding love.

  • Qixi Festival drone light show

    Drones warming show is a new style of performance in recent years and it is the form and means of artistic expression.Behind the grand performance, creativity is the soul.

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