Terms of Service

1. The confirmation and acceptance of Terms of Service

The ownership of all the contents and services of this App belongs to Shenzhen HighGreat Innovation Technology Development CO.,LTD. Before accepting the services, please read the Terms of Service carefully. Using any of the services or completing the registration represents accepting all the Terms of Service. If you don’t accept the Terms of Service, you can discontinue using this App.

2. Any behaviors in this App must follow:

(1) Must conform to the related laws and regulations of China when transmitting information;
(2) Not to use the information service for illegal or immoral purpose;
(3) Not to disturb or interrupt the network services.
(4) Observe all network protocols, rules, orders and conventions of the used services. The code of conduct shall be in line with the laws and regulations, rules and conventions of the Internet.

3. Modification of Terms of Service

This App has the right to modify the Terms of Service. The Terms of Service after modification will be released on this page without notice.
If you don’t accept the modification, you can discontinue using this App. However, if he continues using this App, it shall be deemed to be accepting the modification on the Terms of Service.

4. User account, password and the security.

Once registered to be a member, there shall be an account and a password. User shall take full responsibilities for the security of the account and the password.Moreover, each user shall take full responsibilities for all the activities and events done by his account. User can change his password at any time.
If user discovers any cases of illegal uses of account or security holes, please inform us immediately.

5. Refuse to provide guarantee

User acknowledges and consents to take all the risks by agreeing to use the services from our company.
This App doesn’t guarantee that the services will meet user’s requirements or not be interrupted, or the timeliness, security, inerrancy.
User acknowledges and consents that the reliability and usefulness of any information acquired through the services are up to user’s own determination; user shall take all the risks and responsibilities.

6. Limitation of liability

This App shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental and consequent damages caused by the use of the services.
These damages may be caused by (including but not limited to): misuse of the services, non-compliance of the uploaded information.

7. Acquisition and use of user information

You acknowledge and consent that when you register your account or use the services provided by this App, it will record the personal information you provide, such as your name and mobile phone number. And the aforementioned personal information is the basis on which you have access to the services. Also, for the purpose of improving user experience, this App will also acquire other information which will help improving the services, such as your flight data, positioning information, photo, video and other materials. We will use these into improving the services. In the meanwhile, our company will protect your privacy.

8. Storage and limitation on user information

This App does not take any responsibilities for the deletion or storage failure on the delivered information of user. Our company has the right to judge whether the behaviors of user accord with the requirements and the spirits herein. If user breaches the terms herein, our company has the right to stop providing the services.

9. Termination of services

This App may terminate one or more services according to the practical situation without responsibility or prior notice to any individual or third party.
Meanwhile, if user objects to any of the terms herein or disagrees to any of the later terms, or is dissatisfied with the dissatisfied with the services, he can exercise the following rights:
(1) Use the services from our company no more;
(2) Inform our company to stop providing services to him.

10. Ownership of the information

The information of our company includes: text, software, audio, image, video, chart and other information; all these contents are under the protection of copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership laws. User can use these contents only under authorization, but cannot copy, reform, or recreate any derivatives from the contents.

11. Privacy protection

We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission, except in the following cases:
(1) We' ve got your permission;
(2) When the police, the government or other authorities perform public duties, requiring providing specific personal information, we shall give necessary cooperation;
(3) When we bring a lawsuit or arbitration to user in order to protect our own legitimate rights and interests;
(4) According to the agreements under the Terms of Service, End User License Agreement, etc. which are related to the App;
(5) Other circumstances provided by laws and regulations.
In addition, you acknowledge and consent:
(1) To complete a purchase, we have to provide some of the information of the user, e.g.: the name, the phone number and e-mail to logistics service provider, so as to they can get in touch with the user timely;
(2) Within existing laws and regulations to the extent permitted, we may use your   non-private personal information for maintenance, research and development, upgrading of the App or other scientific research, so as to provide you a more enjoyable flight.

12. Applicable law

The above terms will subject to the laws of People's Republic of China, all disputes shall resort to People's Court at the location where the company’s headquarters is.
If any of the terms conflict with the laws of People's Republic of China, the term shall be reinterpreted completely according to the laws of People's Republic of China, while other terms remain in force.