Multi-functional mountable drone RIFF
Fly out more new patterns
RiFF debut, ushering in a new era of swarming drone performance art. Integrating multifunctional, long-range, and strong signal capabilities, it supports aerial creative performance art modes such as lighting, lanterns, lasers, fireworks, cloud platforms, and smoke spraying. It comprehensively breaks through traditional performance limitations and flexibly responds to various swarming drone performance scenarios, providing users with more efficient, economical, and safe integrated aerial swarming drone performance solutions. Born to create a highly anticipated artistic performance and phenomenal dissemination of dance creativity!
RiFF outdoor formation payload drones
One drone with multiple functions, specially designed for "Incredible performance"
  • Multifunctional
  • One click quick disassembly
    One click quick disassembly
  • IP55 protection rating
    IP55 protection rating
  • Ultra Long Flight time
    Ultra Long Flight time
  • High strength composite materials
    High strength composite materials
  • Ultra powerful motor
    Ultra powerful motor
  • Multi frequency communication link
    Multi frequency communication link
  • WiFi6 wireless technology
    WiFi6 wireless technology
  • Three layer electronic fence
    Three layer electronic fence
  • Support for remote identification
    Support for remote identification
  • Open API interface
    Open API interface
  • RTK precise positioning
    RTK precise positioning
The brilliance of the night sky is our stage
Redefining swarming drone performance
The fusion of art and technology creates unparalleled shock
Ultra long flight time, 10 times more fun when changing different sets
Artist kit, without further ado!
Challenge Sky Creativity and Create a Dream Future!
  • Air drop box payload accessories
  • Cold fireworks or cigarette payload accessories
  • Lantern payload accessories
  • Lighting payload accessories
  • Education payload accessories
  • Laser payload accessories