TAKE Swarming Light Drone
The Brightest ”Star” at Night
  • Foldable and Portable
    Foldable and
  • Full-color Lighting
  • Intelligent Control
  • Safe and Reliable
    Safe and
  • Mass Production Products
    Mass Production
  • Package
TAKE swarming light drone
Short Performance Drone Distance, Strong Plasticity
The model has a compact appearance, a foldable and portable design, and take-off weight is only  403g, but it can resist wind power of level 4 and can meet the needs of all general performance environments. The wheelbase is only 230 mm, and the pitch of the performance drone is small,making the shape more realistic, more exquisite and more three-dimensional! It can carry a  certain weigh, and its shape can be combined with lamps, fireworks, ornaments, ect. for a variety of transformations to show a rich performance effect.
TAKE Light Drone
Fantastic Full-color Light
TAKE swarming light drones use full-color lights, which can adjust the color of light seen by almost everyone's eyes acording to the principle of optical tricolor, and can randomly adjust the color  and brightness of the lights during the performance, making the color effect more attractive and  more realistic. At the same time, intelligent functions such as timing and marquee can be added  through the software to increase lighting effects and make the performance more cool.
swarming light drone
Mass Production Products, Package Sales
TAKE swarming light drones are mass-produced products. After rigorous testing, inspection,  the quality is guaranteed, safe and reliable, and can be sold in sets. The number  of drone can also be flexibly adjusted acoording to customer needs.
swarming light drone
100+ Cities--Light Up China
Drone swarming performance of TAKE creates real-world visual feasts and phenomenon-level  hot events. It has been interviewed and reported by official media for many times. China's  intelligent manufacturing is going ti the World, shining the light of Chinese technology  in the UAE,South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, Dubai and other countries.
  • 100+
    Covering More Than 100
    cities Around the World
  • 3000+
    Perform More Than 3000
    Performances Perfectly
  • 500million+
    Cumulated 500
    Million + Viewers
  • 200,000+
    Cumulative flight time
swarming light drone manufacturer
Stable Flight and Long Battery Life
TAKE swarming light drones are based on the optimization and upgrade of TAKE consumer-grade drones.After technology precipitation, performance is stable. The use of advabced RTK carrier phase differential  positioning technology enables the drone to accuratelu position in formation flying missions, “walking”  according to the established trajectory. The battery life is enough to meet the needs of various  programs and adapt to various performance environments. Multiple formation changes can  be completed in one flight, making the program more consistent and enjoyable.
drone light performance
The world's Largest Drone Production Base
HighGreat has the world's largest fleet of drone production bases, covering an area 13,000 square meters with a complete drone manufacturing chain from product development, mold manufacturing, processing  to product assembly. It is one of the few professional drone performance teams in the world that have  the capabilities to provide multi-rotor indoor, multi-rotor outdoor, fixed-wing mixed formation.
swarming light drone manufacturer
Endless Creatibity, Art and Technology Go Hand in Hand
2100 Drones Transform to 500 Meters'Dragon
drone light show
  • Exclusive Shape Design
    Exclusive Shape Design
    Within 10 minutes of performance time, you can choose dozens of presentation effects such as exclusive logo, 3D pattern, text and so on.
  • Free Safe Location
    Free & Safe Location
    Double-check the location through aerial bird's eye view and satellite image to keep viewing safety.
  • Precision Control Technology
    Precision Control Technology
    Through the time service system, positioning system and communication system, perfectly combined the time node between lighting and music.
  • Optional Drone Amount
    Optional Drone Amount
    Support 10 to 3000 drones at the same time participate in swarming performance.
Product parameters
  • Wheelbase
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Flight Time
  • Battery Capacity
  • Flight Distance
  • Performance Duration
  • Operating Temperature
  • Wind Resistance
    ≤ 5 Level wind
  • LED Light
*The parameter values listed on this page may vary to varying degrees under different external environments, usage methods, and firmware versions. Please refer to the actual experience.