EMO Outdoor Newly Optimized Swarming Drone
Outdoor Drone Show Broke 4 World Records
  •  Ultra-light Design
  • Auto Fill Auto Numbering
    Auto Fill Auto
  • Dual Redundant Sensors
    Dual Redundant
  • Centimeter-level Positioning
  • waterpro of level IPX3
    level IPX3
  • Ultra Flight time
    Ultra Flight
  • Air Suspension Second Go-around
    Air Suspension
    Second Go-around
  • Protector for Safety
    Protector for
  • Smaller Performance Interval
    Smaller Performance
  • Looking forward to more features
    Looking forward to
    more features
EMO drone
Fully Surrounded & Lighter
The carbon fibre arm combined with POM material and an integrated product design creates a lightweight fuselage that requires no disassembly and weighs only 530g; an omnidirectional physical protection cover is fitted to fully wrap the paddle and enhance flight safety.
EMO drone
Automatically Adjust the Lights
12 lamp beads with super high brightness at 0-20W range which can automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the ambient temperature; provide two different specifications of lampshades, increasing the display area of the LED lamp or improve the brightness of the light, which can be independently selected according to the event site.
EMO drone custom
New Technology, Shorten Preparing Time
During preparing time, all aircraft only need to be placed according to the dance step position map, and one-click numbering can be realized in the background, which eliminate the tedious manual posting steps and innovating the layout efficiency. During the flight, the missing drones can be supplemented in the air,which further enhance the performance effect.
EMO drone wholesale
  • Has Many Patents
    Has Many Patents
    EMO is researced and developed by the team with many years of hard work, and has applied for patents in formation UAV outlier alarm method and system, cluster UAV numbering method and terminal, dual strapdown intertial navigation switching method, control system, mobile platform, etc. Including 7 invention patents, 20 utillty model patents, 9 design patents, and 2 software copyrights.
  • Multiple Sensors for Security
    Multiple Sensors for Security
    Using 5.8G Wifi for network communication, and even face of complex network environments, it can also communicate without worries. Multi-sensing redundancy:equipped with dualmagnetism, dual IMU, barometer, and multi-system positioning technology, make the dance steps more performable and more controllable.
  • Centimeter-level Precise Positioning
    Centimeter-level Precise Positioning
    Using the more advanced RTK positioning technology, compared with the traditional GPS positioning solution, the accuracy is increased to centimeter level. So when do the show, the distance between the drone is smaller, which makes the dance steps more delicate and the effect is better.
  • More Flexible Performance
    More Flexible Performance
    The RTK positioning system combined with dual IMU sensor units allows the aircraft to hover accurately anytime and anywhere. Through the upper computer terminal on the ground, the drone can be controlled to pause at a specific position in the air and start a go-around twice at a specific time point, which can meet various large-scale performance needs.
Double Show Time
Using wide voltage can compatible with both 3S and 4S battery. Maximum fight time is up to 33 mins. So the drone show will be longer and more wonderful.
EMO drone custom
Product parameters
  • Wheelbase
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Flight Time
  • Flight Distance
  • Performance Duration
  • Operating Temperature
  • Wind Resistance
    ≤ 5 Level wind
  • LED Light

*The parameter values listed on this page may vary to varying degrees under different external environments, usage methods, and firmware versions. Please refer to the actual experience.