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Xiamen Island, the egret fly over here, overcome with joy

Date: 2019-11-07 Author: HighGreat

Someone love the fresh and precious air.

Someone love the fresh seafood in the market

Someone say that it has Fresh and cool attributes

Someone have seen its rich and deep side.


If you ask me where is downtown in Xiamen

That is a difficult question to answer

Lujiang Road, Wuyuan Bay, Zhongshan Road

Railway station, Gulangyu, municipal government,yundang river

Each one show us different features

Someone say that city does not have a city center.

But someone say that city center is everywhere

Xiamen, so special existence

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Xiamen Island, also known as "Egret island"

"The Silver City, Egret island is rich and full of resource, the mountains and seas are magnificent "

The city has been connection with the egret since the Song Dynasty.

Today, the egret is still as the spokesperson in Xiamen to many tourists.

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Zheng Chenggong Statue

Zheng Chenggong statue was completed in 1985

Facing the magnificent ocean

Wearing armor, Sword in hand

The image is tall and strong, and is majestic

It is the largest historical Memorial in Fujian after the founding of the People's Republic of China.

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Xiamen University

There is mountain and lake in the campus of Xiamen University

With Wanshi Botanical Garden backwards

South putuo Temple and baicheng city Beach are separated on both sides

Early buildings such as Qunxianlou Group, Jiannan Building Group, Furong Building Group, etc.

Has been selected as "the first batch of Chinese 20th century architectural heritage"

Deserved "The most beautiful university of China"

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Conference center

Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Beautiful scenery and convenient transportation

Little Jinmen Island stand across the sea

The "98th CIFIT" and "Xiamen International Marathon" events were held here.

The size of the area is at front row among China

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Haicang Bridge

Strait Highway Bridge located at the middle of Xigang, Xiamen

It is also the number one in Asia and the second in the world.

Three-span continuous full float steel box beam for long-span suspension bridge

Representing the highest level of China's bridge construction in the 20th century

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Chinese White Dolphin

Chinese white dolphins are national-level protected aquatic wildlife

Also a species of international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna

Xiamen Zhonghua White Dolphin Nature Reservation area

Founded on August 25, 1997

Committed to protecting Chinese white dolphins, amphioxus, egrets and other rare species

In 2000, it was promoted to national level.

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A place where mixed literary nostalgia and style

I believe you must have been there.

In addition to the above mentioned standard construction

Have you found any other unknown thing of Xiamen?