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Projects made by formation drones: Formation drones create romance

Date: 2022-11-18 Author: HighGreat

A legendary life sounds a bit unattainable. We seem to have accepted that as ordinary as you and me, this life is doomed to be unknown, like a dim night star.

But as usual, we also look forward to a certain highlight moment. I grew up one year old, got the coveted award, and made a promise to my lover for a lifetime... There are always times when we need a special sense of ritual, so that in the years to come, every time we think of it, it will be a warm current.

With such expectations, you can always trust formation drones organizer HighGreat.

Formation drones create romance

When it comes to drone formation performances, many people always think of official celebrations, commercial activities, media releases, etc., and are used to being applauding audiences. Have you ever thought about being the protagonist?

‍Recently, formation drones organizer HighGreat has done some projects, which are not as spectacular as breaking records, but warm and moving enough.

Projects made by formation drones

Mr. Hu丨Marriage Proposal Ceremony

Mr. Hu丨Marriage Proposal Ceremony

where the eyes go, where the heart goes

This moment, prepare for this ceremony

Get down on one knee, promise you a lifetime

Meet the trivialities of life together

and endless hope

 Mr. Tang丨Birthday Celebration

Mr. Tang丨Birthday Celebration

It's little love, it's big love

take advantage of birthday

Revisit the journey

Catalyzed emotional resonance

reshape the meaning of team

 Mr. Jiang丨Marriage Proposal Surprise

Mr. Jiang丨Marriage Proposal Surprise

Thank you for your perseverance during this time

Maybe falling in love is when we start practicing love

while marriage

It is us who finally stamped the seal of three meals and four seasons

I'm ready

ready to have you for the rest of my life 

Such a sense of ritual is for surprises, commemoration, and highlight moments that can be recalled in a lifetime. Are you excited?

The above is the projects made by formation drones introduced by formation drones organizer HighGreat. If you are interested in formation drones, please contact us to read more.