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The world's first! Innovation of outdoor formation drone

Date: 2022-11-16 Author: HighGreat

I heard that the people of the whole country are hiding the low temperature warnings in many places in winter in Cantonese, and the snowflakes are flying. So, what is the most basic respect for cooling for outdoor formation drones that perform all year round? padded jacket? Hot water bottle? Warm baby?

It is well known that low temperature has a harmful effect on drones, so EMO drone take-off platform company HighGreat specially prepared a secret weapon!

EMO drone take-off platform The world's first drone take-off platform is specially designed for EMO formation UAVs. It provides power for EMO UAVs' endurance and can also perform ground-air linkage performances, opening the door to a new "visual" world for you!

Low temperature battery, strong battery life 6000mA power supply

The built-in 6000mAh low-temperature battery can still provide stable power supply at minus 30°C. The innovative magnetic charging interface design is automatically separated when it takes off, so that the drones in the waiting field will not be troubled by the long standby time and low temperature.

EMO drone take-off platform

Exclusive dance steps, ground-air linkage 100% tension

Independent mobile data transmission, one-click access to exclusive dance steps, up to 20W of colorful lights, can perform ground-air linkage light shows with EMO drones, instantly fill the visual tension of the scene, and unlock a new mode of light shows.


Strong battery life, no fear of waiting for ground-air linkage, multiple surprises EMO drone take-off platform builds a new horizon. The above is the innovation of outdoor formation drone introduced by EMO drone take-off platform company HighGreat. If you are interested in the advantages of drone take-off platform, please contact us to read more.