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How strong is drone that broke four world records in a row?

Date: 2022-11-09 Author: HighGreat

35 patents have been added, and 4 world records have been broken in a row. This new drone has not been officially announced and has caused a sensation in the industry. Long-awaited, outdoor performance drone organizer HighGreat brand new outdoor performance drone EMO. EMO, the new optimization for outdoor performance is powerful and beyond imagination.


Full surround, light on light

Carbon fiber arms, POM ultra-light fuselage, integrated antenna design, no need to disassemble and assemble, the fuselage plus protective cover weighs only 280 grams; an omnidirectional physical protective cover is installed to fully wrap the blades and improve flight safety.

Listen to the lights, adapt to the warmth

12 lamp beads with ultra-high brightness, 0-22W range, can automatically adjust the light brightness according to the ambient temperature; provide two different specifications of lamp shades to increase the display area of the LED lights and improve the light brightness, which can be independently selected according to the event site.

Long battery life, double the play

Wide voltage adaptation, compatible with 3S and 4S battery specifications, the longest battery life can be up to 33 minutes, making dance steps more calm and good shows better.

New technology, innovative efficiency

The new supporting software for Fly dance formation flight helps each performance to be safer and more intelligent. During deployment, all aircrafts only need to be placed according to the dance position map, and one-key numbering can be realized in the background, eliminating tedious manual posting steps, and innovating the layout efficiency; during the flight process, the missing drones can be supplemented in the air. to further enhance the performance.

More flexible, control the audience

RTK positioning system combined with dual iMU sensing units allows the aircraft to hover accurately anytime, anywhere. Through the ground host computer, the aerial drone can be controlled to pause at a specific position, and then start the go-around again at a specific time point, which is a perfect match. Various large-scale performance needs.

Patent king, a new high

EMO has been researched and developed by outdoor performance drone organizer HighGreat for many years. It has applied for a total of 35 patents, including 23 patents including formation drone outlier alarm method and system, numbering method and terminal of cluster drones, and drone lamp shades. Authorized.

Centimeter-level, precise positioning

Using the most advanced RTK positioning technology, compared with the traditional GPS positioning scheme, the accuracy is improved to the centimeter level; the distance between the performance machines is smaller, which makes the dance steps more delicate and the effect is better.

Multi-sensing, multi-assurance

Using 5.8G Wifi for networking communication, in the face of complex network environment, communication can be worry-free. Multi-sensing redundancy, equipped with dual magnetics, dual IMUs, barometers, and multi-system positioning technology, make the dance posture highly performable and controllable.

Outdoor performance drone organizer HighGreat has successfully broken four world records. The news has already spread throughout the industry, and this EMO formation drone was used in the record-breaking scene.

Air dreamer

5,200 elfs are ready to go, and the spectacle of the sky presented by the fine and beautiful dance steps in the night sky is beyond everyone's imagination. Outdoor performance drone organizer HighGreat has put in a lot of sweat and effort.

Push the boundaries between imagination and reality for unlimited possibilities of drone shows. Drone that broke four world records in a row EMO, your aerial dreamer.