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Brilliant achievements of drone show! Exploring how 2022 drones make Shenzhen snow

Date: 2022-10-28 Author: HighGreat

The much-anticipated 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opened in Beijing, and the splendid opening ceremony once again demonstrated the imagination and creativity of the Chinese nation. Shenzhen, Guangdong, as the only southern coastal city to appear in the opening ceremony, joined the drone show team Highgreat with the technical highlights of drone show of "Winter Olympics + Fashion + Technology" to go to the ice and snow appointment.

 Drones make up the icons of the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022 drones rose slowly to form snowflakes that spread across the night sky in Shenzhen. The "Bing Dun Dun" and "Xue Rong Rong" made up of drone teams came, and Shenzhen's blessings for the Winter Olympics were reflected on the "sky curtain", shining in the night sky.

Speaking of drone formation performances, I believe that many people are deeply impressed by the drone performances of major events. So, what are the technical highlights of the drone show of the Beijing Winter Olympics?

It was learned from relevant channels that the wonderful drone performances that appeared in the countdown video of the opening ceremony and the ten-city linkage were originally from the same drone company in Shenzhen. With these questions in mind, drone show team Highgreat interviewed Li Chenliang, general manager of Highgreat, who provided drone performances for the Winter Olympics, and explored the behind-the-scenes footage of the drone performances at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Thousands of drones take off, and it is difficult to control the group

"Shenzhen used 2022 UAVs for flight performances in the hot field of the Winter Olympics." Li Chenliang said from the perspective of fleet control that when there are more UAVs, it means higher requirements for the overall performance of the system .

It is understood that it is not the first time for the drone show team Highgreat to use 2022 drones. In fact, the highest record is 5164 drones flying at the same time, and it is also the current Guinness World Record holder. As the number of clusters increases, the difficulty of controlling large-scale clusters increases, and there are higher requirements for communication bandwidth and stability. For this reason, GOGIUS has adopted a distributed system strategy in this Winter Olympics performance to alleviate the problem of excessive data volume. "The advantage of a distributed system is to decentralize and process data in a distributed manner, and the failure of any one system will not affect our air show," he said.

In May last year, 5,200 drones in Longgang, Shenzhen presented a tribute to the centenary of the founding of the party, swiping the circle of friends of Shenzhen people. This is one of the brilliant achievements of drone show. 5,200 drones gathered in the sky, using a variety of lights and images, to write a confession to the party in the night. That flight show broke four Guinness World Records in one fell swoop—the most drone formations at 5,164, the largest drone light source image at 5,184, the longest drone show at 26 minutes and 26 seconds, the most There are 88 drone performance pictures.

Largest image of light source formed by drone 

The most difficult thing is the 3D dynamic performance, as small as the snowflakes are all 3D effects

"In addition to the size of the fleet, the biggest difficulty in a drone performance is the continuous 3D dynamic transformation," Li Chenliang said. The drone formation performance process generally includes creative design, choreography software production, software simulation, importing flight equipment, and on-site flight testing. and so on. He said that the Winter Olympics used continuous 3D dynamic performances that were more difficult than before. Compared with flat patterns, 3D dynamic flight is actually more difficult. Although there are not many patterns of the Beijing Winter Olympics air show, we can find that a small "snowflake" is a 3D stereoscopic effect. Drone show team Highgreat makes the overall composition of the picture beautiful and delicate, like countless dancing "elf" in the night sky.

Continuous 3D dynamic flight performance will undoubtedly have higher requirements for drone flight accuracy and stability, but this is also one of the technical highlights of drone show. In the 2018 Spring Festival Gala, the "dolphin" that crossed the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was also a drone formation from Gaoju Innovation. The "dolphin" under the 3D stereoscopic shape is exquisite and agile, presenting stunning visual effects, and also opened the first 3D stereoscopic dynamic performance in the industry. 

The above are brilliant achievements of drone show, if you are interested in technical highlights of drone show, you can contact drone show team Highgreat to read more.