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Fylo EDU knowledge sharing

Date: 2022-10-18 Author: HighGreat

Today we will talk about the technical capabilities of Fylo EDU. Education has an important part in HighGreat culture. And with our Fylo EDU, we are making sure to stay in the education direction by offering a flight formation educational drone that can fly indoors and outdoors.

Fylo EDU company HighGreat has shown great support though Fylo EDUs to the 6th Educational Drone Event, China! Besides being the main roles of delicate indoor formation performance for the opening ceremony, Fylo EDUs, are also the official drone for contestants to pilot in the creative graphics-programming race. We are always committed to playing the role of drones in education and exploring many aspects of STEAM with our Fylo EDUs.

Technical Capabilities of Fylo EDU

Our software supports Scratch and Python programming, meeting the needs of children's education to sharpen their technical skills and improve their flying abilities and pilot talents. Fylo EDU company HighGreat drone education program builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills in addition to technical skills. Students can write code to command multiple Fylo EDUs to fly in a swarm, dragging coding blocks on the screen to enable certain flight movements and sparkle lights. Moreover, self-developed software helps preview the programming effect for better improvement, bringing students' imagination to life.

Events Fylo EDU Participates in

The 2021 Chengdu Education Equipment Exhibition just finished. We wanted to thank all of the audience who came to see us and check the star for this show, the "Fylo EDU." Our teams received a lot of questions about it, and it made us full of warmth to be able to interact with all of you. The Fylo Edu comes in a set containing 10 drones, 34 batteries (fast charging), base stations, chargers, paddles, and other useful accessories. The software used to make the Fylo Edu fly at an altitude of 10 meters also caught our audience's interest. This educational exhibition was a success thanks to our active, curious, and full of knowledge audience.

Fylo EDU company

The above is the technical capabilities of Fylo EDU and events Fylo EDU participates in introduced by Fylo EDU company HighGreat. If you are interested in drones, please contact us!