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How much do you know about the drone EMO, developed by HighGreat?

Date: 2022-09-28 Author: HighGreat

Now there are many types of drones, let drone EMO manufacturer introduce drone EMO---HighGreat EMO and the technology of drone EMO to you.

The technology of drone EMO

It is equipped with the advanced RTK(Real-time Kinematic Positioning) technology, which can improve the accuracy to centimeter-level for narrowing the spacing and creating an attractive drone show for the audiences. If a drone EMO is unable to take off, it will identify the situation automatically and another one can fill the gap instantly, making sure every drone show is perfect.

With HighGreat EMO drones, you will have a solution where the drone will perfectly harmonize with live performance and contemporary dance.

 drone EMO

If you want to provide a show that plays on different levels: the environment, the pictures, the dance. Drone EMO is the perfect solution. Our UAV formation will provide an immersive and interactive experience with its long-lasting battery, offering up to 33 minutes of flight time!

Solutions for everyone about drone EMO

At HighGreat Drone, we strive to provide solutions that suit everyone, and our drone EMO is fully equipped to fly in any environment. Its full enclosing physical carbon fiber protective cover will make it the perfect solution for a safe and secure device. With our brand-new Fly Dance Special Software, you will be able to deliver spectacular drone shows without worrying about the technical part. Since everything will be planned and handled by the software, where our team studied every scenario, we added the feature inverted flyback function to provide unprecedented security during the performance of the drones.

drone EMO

When our teams were developing the drone EMO, we wanted to make it extra safe and provide all the newest and advanced technology. For these reasons, we decided to add multiple sensors for security. To always keep constant communication even in complex network environments, the drone EMO has 5.8G wifi on it, in addition to multi-sensing redundancy, which is equipped with dual magnetism, IMU, barometer, and multi-system positioning technology. These features will take the drone's performance to another level and provide full control.

Easy to carry and fly at will, drone EMO serves as a perfect approach for outdoor drone shows, making them dynamic, innovative, and conveying a high-tech and futuristic image. The drone EMO drone fleet provides a creative and environmentally friendly solution way better than fireworks. With its large battery, its flight time can get up to 33 minutes, allowing you to create choreographies with a wide range of creative possibilities. The only limitation is your imagination.

For your outdoor swarming drone shows, we have the perfect solution: drone EMO. With its ultra-light body with its protective cover, we have a 540 grams drone. Its maximum flight time can reach 33 minutes. We used 5.8G Wifi for networking communication, which improved the accuracy to centimeter-level. The drone EMO has a high precise hovering, using the most advanced RTK positioning technology. The drone EMO just needs a second to accomplish a go-around.

We, HighGreat Drone, as a professional drone EMO manufacturer, are proud to present you with this product. If you are interested, please contact us.