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Performance Features of Programmable Drones for Schools

Date: 2024-07-11 Author: HighGreat

In the rapidly evolving field of educational technology, programmable drones are emerging as a cornerstone for fostering innovation and creativity among students. As a supplier of drones designed specifically for competitions and artificial intelligence education, HighGreat will share with you the performance features of programmable drones for schools.

1. The Hula Drone: A Catalyst for Learning

The Hula drone, a product of HighGreat, is not just a flying machine; it's a comprehensive learning tool. With its principle of integrating fun with learning, it aims to ignite curiosity, lower the barriers to AI education, and build students' confidence. The drone is equipped with features that support a variety of educational and competitive applications.

2. Cutting-Edge Features

The Hula drone boasts an array of advanced features that make it an ideal choice for educational institutions. It includes infrared obstacle avoidance, an open API interface for customization, full-color LED lighting for visual impact, formation flight capabilities, networking battle modes, AI image recognition, an adjustable camera platform, and laser emission for a diverse range of applications.

3. Programming Education Redefined

Supporting multiple programming modes, the Hula drone allows students to engage with virtual programming mini-games and control flight performances through programming. The open SDK interfaces expand the possibilities for teaching and research, turning students into programming powerhouses that educational institutions value.

Programmable Drones for Schools

4. Immersive Flight Experience

Connecting to an app, students can control the Hula drone for a relaxed and enjoyable free flight. With the option to configure high-definition cameras and 3D immersive simulation flight scenes, the Hula drone elevates the flight experience to new heights.

5. Versatile Gameplay and Competition Modes

The Hula drone offers a multitude of gameplay options, from playing balloons and smart transportation to crossing artillery fire and rescue missions. It also includes AI recognition, intelligent follow, cluster programming, and carpet flying, ensuring a smooth and exciting flight experience. Moreover, the drone supports various competitive modes, encouraging students to explore intelligent flying and making learning a more enjoyable process.

6. Technical Specifications

The Hula drone's performance is backed by robust technical specifications. It can achieve a maximum horizontal flight speed of 3m/s, an ascending flight speed of 1.2m/s, and a descent speed of 1m/s. With a maximum flight altitude of 10m and a flying distance of 100m, the drone is designed to perform in various environments.

7. Educational and Competitive Events

HighGreat provides a complete event course and professional training, actively participating in national professional science and technology events. They are committed to creating a professional youth competition exchange platform, offering educational drone events and collaborative challenges that enrich the teaching experience.


The Hula drone by HighGreat is more than an educational tool; it's a gateway to the future of technology-driven learning. With its performance features and commitment to educational excellence, the Hula drone is set to revolutionize the way students engage with programming and robotics, preparing them for the challenges of the 21st century.

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