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The new upgraded version of EMO is re-released, and drone formation enters a new era!

Date: 2024-05-07 Author: HighGreat

As a new type of performance, drone formations have gradually appeared in the public eye with more and more regular frequency since their birth and commercialization in 2018. With the upgrading of people's aesthetics and technological breakthroughs, drone formation has entered a new era and a new stage, enhancing its significance for urban publicity and cultural dissemination with more diversified forms of expression and shocking visual effects.

New equipment, new effects - a new upgrade of EMO formation drones

1. Aviation-grade POM material combined with carbon fiber.

Ultra-light body is only 280g.

2. Innovative charging base.

"Charging + ground and air linkage light show".

3. 16 million colors of high-power LED lights, automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient temperature.

Automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient temperature.

4. Integrated RTK positioning system.

Centimeter-level positioning accuracy, 1.5m minimum flight distance.

5. Multi-redundant sensor module.

Ensure flight safety.

6. Fly dance special software for formation flight:

One key automatic numbering, one key deployment;

Automatic replenishment, real-time monitoring;

Air pause, secondary re-flight;

Non-magnetic takeoff, safer ......

EMO formation drone

EMO + Cold Fireworks / Lanterns / Scattered Flowers ......

With the increasing popularity of drone formation show, the conventional LED light show can no longer meet the diversified performances and aesthetic demands nowadays.HighGreat combines the feasibility of technology and the aesthetics of art to make various creative modifications to the representative product EMO.

1. Drone + Cold Fireworks

Real fireworks shows are spectacular, colorful and very festive. But at the same time, there are great safety hazards, fire and injury risks, and high costs, pollution of the environment ...... In contrast, HighGreat's modified cold fireworks mounted drone can greatly solve these problems while ensuring the presentation effect.

Drone + Cold Fireworks

Cold fireworks, i.e. cold light fireworks, mainly rely on chemical reactions to glow, and do not contain explosive components. Through the transformation of the EMO mounted cold fireworks, as usual, flying into the night sky, orderly arrangement, changing the light and position. Immediately, according to the instructions, the mounted cold fireworks will be released in the air at regular intervals. The golden fireworks fall in the air, flowing with color and brilliance. Matching with the theme music and narration, no matter in the visual effect, or emotional infection, than the conventional fireworks show, more shocking full and deep heart.

Cold fireworks can be matched with drones with different dance steps and lights, and then released at the right time. "Cold fireworks + 3D graphics + different colors of lights", the cold fireworks drone show is a collection of multiple elements, more exquisite and more layered. It is also more flexible and flexible than conventional fireworks.

Safety, cold fireworks is a kind of fireworks without burning gunpowder to light up, compared with the traditional fireworks is more safe and environmentally friendly. It is usually used indoors or in crowded places to reduce the risk of fire and environmental pollution. Compared with the real fireworks show, the drone formation show with cold fireworks is also more economical and cost-saving.

2. Drone + Lantern

In addition to carrying cold fireworks, HighGreat also transforms EMOs into lanterns. These "lantern drones" can be hung in the air, with LED light sources inside, simulating the warm light and outline of traditional lanterns, combining the power of modern technology to interpret traditional culture, making the perfect fusion of ancient folklore and modern technology, and bringing brand-new possibilities for aerial landscape design.

Drone + Lantern

Drone + Lantern

The lantern drone fluctuates gently in the air with the music and the rhythm of the performance, dancing lightly, like a shooting star, like lights, interacting with the performance on the ground, and the festive atmosphere is instantly "full". Lanterns symbolize reunion, joy and happiness. Lantern drones are also very suitable for traditional Chinese folk culture and festivals, such as Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and other festivals, all of which are very suitable for lantern drones.

HighGreat created the lantern drone in the hope that modern technology can play a role in passing on innovation in traditional festivals and culture. By combining traditional lantern elements with drone technology, not only does the traditional custom of releasing lanterns remain, but it also gives it new life. It creates a joyful and peaceful festive atmosphere, while also showcasing the city's international style and vitality.

EMO formation drone

In addition to mounting cold fireworks and lanterns, EMO can also carry out a variety of customized modifications, such as scattering flowers, so that the infinite extension of creativity and safe and reliable technology for the performance to carry out endless points, add support.

3. Mounted Specialized Drone RiFF

In addition to remodeling the representative product EMO, HighGreat has also launched the mounted specialized drone RiFF. In addition to cold fireworks and lanterns, RiFF also supports the mounting of lasers, smoke jets, gimbals, drop boxes and other equipment, making it a versatile, multi-purpose, teamable mounted drone.

Mounted Specialized Drone RiFF

Equipped with a laser transmitter, RiFF can draw brilliant laser patterns in the night sky, combining with music and lights to create stunning visual effects.

Mounted Specialized Drone RiFF

Additionally, it can be equipped with a smoke spraying device to create a festive atmosphere with a precise spraying show in the air. It can also be equipped with an airdrop box, which can be used to scatter flower petals, ribbons or airdrop performances during the daytime to enhance the celebration atmosphere.

Mounted Specialized Drone RiFF

The launch of RiFF not only represents a major breakthrough in technology and function for drones in the formation field, but also enhances the artistic and aesthetic value of the product, which is a hardcore carrier for realizing the cross-border fusion of technology and art.

Under HighGreat's R&D and transformation, the UAV is not only a flying machine, but also a multi-functional performance platform, which greatly enriches the application of the UAV in various occasions, and brings the audience an unprecedented visual and sensory experience.

In the digital era, drone formation performances have become a part of people's cultural life, and HighGreat is actively exploring the new ecology of "Digital Technology + Entertainment", and with its endless creative imagination and technological transformation, the forms of performances and the images presented are more diversified and rich in details and vividness, and the technical content and artistic and cultural value of the performances have been greatly enhanced. The technical content and artistic and cultural value of the performance itself have also been greatly enhanced. With unlimited innovation and creativity, HighGreat UAV will continue to rely on hardcore technology, develop different functions and superimpose unlimited creativity, so that every "sky code" will bloom with more dazzling "cyber fireworks"!