FOLK drone
FOLK drone
Create a world of kids programming
Cultivate children's interest in learning in all aspects!
    • Python Dual Programming Languages
      Scratch & Python Dual
      Programming Languages
    • Multiple Intelligent Flight Modes
      Multiple Intelligent
      Flight Modes
    • STEAM Teaching Conce
      STEAM  Teaching
    • Modular Design
      Modular Design,Free
    • Synchronous Programming
      Synchronous Programming of
      Lighting and Flight Actions
    • Visual Programming
      Visual Programming,
      Creative Interaction
Support Scratch & Python progmming
As a bridge connecting the digital world and the real world,FOLK can be supported on the  PC side,PAD side through Scratch or Python connect with WIFI,and programme to the drone  in real-time online.
drone programming python
  • drone programming with python
    Scratch Programming
    FOLK's Scratch programming software is develope based on the original  ecological Scratch 3.0, retaining its original functions,making drone  pragramming as an expansion module to learn.Whether ti is based on Scratch  native teaching or extended teaching,get only this one software.
  • drone programming python
    Python Programming
    Python is cross-platform computer programming language.It is a high-level  scripting language that combines interpretability,compilability,  interactivity,and object orientation.FOLK supports Python language  programming, open  APL  interfaces of drone and camera
FOLK drone
FOLK drone
Modular Design,Free Assembly
I order to meet different learning needs, FOLK adopts a modular design to  split all the modules of the drone. Support the selection independent accessories for  cameras,light strips and remote controllers,And provides a richer choice for the  teaching of drones, so that students can strengthen the knowledge of the structure of  drones and create unlimited creativity
  • FOLK drone
    Rely on STEAM Teaching Concept
    FOLK relies on the STEAM teaching concept and its courses with computational  thinking training and drone swarming control as the core , combines  programming, drones, and art. Through interesting learning forms and through  the PBL learning method, to start from solving practical problems, use  programming to unlock high-level gameplay of drones, and cultivate excellent  children and teenagers with creativity, spatial thinking and application  capabilities.
  • Remote Control FOLK drone
    Remote Control (optional)
    The optional remote control of FOLK is made according to the proportion of  the pilot's training remote control. It can independently control the  drone to complete various flying actions suitable for practice.
  • FOLK drone LED Light Strip
    LED Light Strip (optional)
    Adding LED light strips can increase the programming of linghting effects,  and realize different lighting effects such as different lighting colors and  breathing lights and marquee lights.
  • FOLK drone Camera
    Camera (optional)
    On the PC, images in the air on the ground can be collected in real time,and  machine vision artificial intelligence technology can be realized through  programming based on the collected images, such as custom gestures, control  of drone flight  or taking pictures; at the same time,through visual  artificial intelligence, the code map serves as an absolute coordinate  point, enabling the drone to achieve more precise fixed-point, enabling the  drone to achieve more precise fixed-point flight mission.
Artificial Intelligence Learning
Dual control of PC and mobile APP, you can give commands by touching the screen. A  variety of intelligent flight modes can easily completed: one-click surround, bounce  mode, 360° rotation mode,roll mode and other difficult movements to meet the endless  exploration of children desire.
  • one-click surround
  • 360° rotation mode
  • bounce  mode
  • flip mode
Product parameters
  • Size
    208* 208* 94mm
  • Wheelbase
  • Weight
  • Maximum ascent speed
  • Maximum horizontal speed
  • Maximum hover positioning height
  • Battery life
  • Wind resistance
    3.4~5.4 m/s
  • Working temperature
  • Battery capacity
    1500 mAh
  • Charging power
  • Voltage
  • Battery capacity
    Li Polymer
*The parameter values listed on this page may vary to varying degrees under different external environments, usage methods, and firmware versions. Please refer to the actual experience.