Meishan I MISS Dongpo Music Festival

Date: 2022-08-24 Author: HighGreat
Meishan I MISS Dongpo Music Festival
  •  Meishan drone formation performance

    During the performance, a rotating crossing door composed of drones will be opened, and “Kun” will jump in the sky and slowly swim through the door. The interactive drone formation performance is more story-telling and more observable!

  • Meishan drone formation performance

    Exquisite pictures, dynamic symbols, changeable creative three-dimensional patterns, showing the exquisite performances with the night sky as a curtain, showing the love that never changes to Meishan, to Sichuan, to China!

  • Meishan drone formation performance

    The passion and fiery of the festival, the charming of the drone, combined in the performance to show the audience a light and shadow feast.

Why take flight if you’re not shooting for the sky?