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  • D2 wearable thruster
    D2 wearable thruster frees your hands and enables you to swim like a fish without fear of load diving operation.
  • P1 paddleboard thruster
    P1 paddleboard thruster becomes a water vehicle and a surfing artifact with various usage methods.
  • EMO
    The EPP ultra-light body, the body and the protective cover weigh only 530 grams; the longest battery life can reach 33 minutes. One-key numbering, air filling, precise hovering, a second go-around, ...
  • TAKE
    Exquisite folding design, a variety of fashion styling.The area after folding is close to the size of palm, and the weight is less than 403g, which is easy to receive and reduces the travel burden.TAK...
    EMO drone takeoff platform
    The world's first formation drone take-off system platform Endurance power supply, ground-air linkage
    Designed for use with EMO formation drones
  • MARK
    MARK- the world's first VIO uav, light as a mobile phone, folded down to the size of a palm, is extremely portable but offers up to 16 minutes of strong endurance.In the wild, you can easily put it in...
    The ultra-low-altitude drone swarming performance has greatly reduced the actual distance between the audience and the drone formation, creating an immersive feeling. The look and feel at your fingert...
  • FYLO
    FYLO uav formation performance, with strong plasticity, high flexibility, rich sense of technology and artistry, has become a favorite in the market.It is widely presented in evening programs, brand...
    FYLO unmanned aerial vehicle formation performance has become the darling of the market due to its strong plasticity, high flexibility, rich sense of technology and artistry. It is widely presented in...
    HESPER- an intelligent and powerful drone that folds into a pocket.The HESPER's compact and elegant folding design, easy to store and easy to carry, requires nothing more than unfurling and taking off...
  • TAKE Light Drone
    The design of the whole drone is light and portable and intelligent control makes it is safe and reliable. Mass production in professional factories, exclusive three-dimensional dynamic effects and ...
    Fylo mini is a miniature drone that can be used in formation and educational programming. It has the characteristics of light weight,noiseless, indoor positioning technology, full-color light-emitting body and the king of value for money.
  • FOLK
    Developed for student’s creative thinking. Through learning the structure and assembly theory combined with Scrath and Python programming languages to strengthen the understanding of drone software...
  • Infrared Thermal Image Detector
    Designed for intelligent temperature monitoring; More professional and more excellent. Instant erection without other equipment; Accurate monitoring is simple and clear; Independent algorithm record...
  • RIFF
    RiFF debut, ushering in a new era of swarming drone performance art. Integrating multifunctional, long-range, and strong signal capabilities, it supports aerial creative performance art modes such as lighting, lanterns, lasers, fireworks, cloud platforms, and smoke spraying. It comprehensively breaks through traditional performance limitations and flexibly responds to various swarming drone performance scenarios, providing users with more efficient, economical, and safe integrated aerial swarming drone performance solutions. Born to create a highly anticipated artistic performance and phenomenal dissemination of dance creativity!
  • Hula
    The Hula drone of the RoboAlliance adheres to the principle of integrating fun and learning, aiming to stimulate students' curiosity, lower the threshold for artificial intelligence learning, and cultivate their confidence. We provide comprehensive drone courses and are equipped with innovative competition systems to inject new vitality into science and technology innovation education!